Friday, June 24, 2011


I received a recall in the mail for my car.  I was scheduled to have the recall done this morning.  My husband and I got up early and headed to the local dealership.  When I checked in I discovered the recall was not for the car I have owned for the last six years, but was for the Windstar I owned six years ago.  Frustrating.

Rather than wasting the extra time before my husband had to be to work, we headed over to Starbucks, ordered a coffee and tea and sat in the car talking.  During the week I don't see my husband much since I leave for school before he gets home from work and he is generally asleep when I get home. So, this unexpected time together was very much appreciated. 

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  1. Most people would have stayed frustrated and carried those negative vibes with them all morning long. It was nice that you all were able to instead turn this into a simple, yet special, moment.