Saturday, April 7, 2012

Teaching Brings Me Happiness

Teaching brings me a lot of happiness.  It is a profession that I feel I am really good at doing. I work with adults who are learning English but I come from a background in elementary education.  My lessons are sometimes more kid-like.  The funny thing is, my adult students seem to love these kind of activities.  Last week, my morning class had the job of working with a partner to create competitive business cards for two companies of their  choice.  They spent a lot of time working on this project using the markers and colored pencils they brought from home and they turned out great.  Next week we will do some other activities with these cards.  On Thursday, my evening class participated in an Easter egg hunt.  Inside each egg was an Easter related word along with a piece of candy.  They excitedly searched for their eggs.  The best part was how they worked together to teach each other the vocabulary they didn't know and then wrote interesting stories about Easter with their words.


  1. Who wouldn't love to learn in this manner:-) Almost every single adult I have ever talked to, fondly recalls their earlier learning years K-3 usually. And recalling Spanish in 7th-11th grade, I wish my teachers taught like you. I have no doubt I would have not only enjoyed the classes more (instead of remote chapters from a book over and over) but these fun times are in fact, real everyday experiences that people do in their lives. A win win in my book.

    1. Thanks for commenting Deb. I wish my Spanish teacher would have done more activities like this too. We basically sat and listened to him talk from the beginning of class to the end of class. These activities are fun for me because they often bring the students closer together as a group.