Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing Soothes My Mind

Days that are very full of activity often bring restless nights for me. My brain seems to be on overdrive and won't allow me to have a restful sleep.  I often find these are the times that I need to write.  Writing for me is soothing.  It lets my thoughts and feelings have a place to settle which in turns brings a simple happiness to me.


  1. I use to write all the time but have gotten away from it over the years. Journaling was a great tool for me. But once I had young children I started writing children's stories, children's books and photo stories. I so agree that writing is a relaxing and fulfilling endeavor!

  2. I find that writing helps to organize my often chaotic thoughts. Sometimes that writing finds its way onto my blog, sometimes not. But it always helps--and yes, as it does for you, Cathy, writing leaves me with a sense of calm and happiness.