Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy 16!

Today is a celebration for my entire family - my eldest, Alexander, turns 16.  Since he was a newborn I have randomly asked him, "How did I get so lucky to have you?"  Today, I still wonder the same question. When he joined our family, I discovered so much about myself.  I learned I am patient and calm.  I learned that I have so much to give and receive.  I can still remember holding him in my arms as I struggled to nurse him the first week and I remember the first time he nursed for 45 minutes nonstop and I was the happiest momma alive to know I was nourishing him while also holding him close to me.

Alexander is my calm.  No matter what the situation, I feel calm with him.  He is passionate, smart, and he is his own unique person.  I love this 16 year old!  Happy birthday Alexander. 


  1. Tillykke med foedselsdagen, Alexander! (that's the Danish version...)